Losers: the robbers came to Rob a pub full of cops

Losers: the robbers came to Rob a pub full of cops

In Baltimore, Maryland, armed men tried to Rob a pub in the evening, when there gathered a group of policemen, to celebrate the release of colleagues to retirement.

Officers came to the school Monaghan»s Pub in Gwynn Oak Avenue to celebrate the resignation of Sergeant David Neral, who served in the police since 1988.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, suddenly, the pub has a new visitors – two men in masks. According to the owner of the pub Jack Milani, they approached him and demanded money from the cash register, and then tried to escape.

But there it was. Several officers gave chase and arrested the robbers near the bar.

The attackers were local residents – 21-year-old Joseph McInnis 22-year-old Thur McCoy. They were charged with robbery.

The pub owner says surprised by the choice of an attacks, because the pub is opposite the police station, and many law enforcement officers here who are regular clients.

«They often come after the change,» says Milani. Probably the robbers, to his misfortune, didn’t know that.

Two Armed Suspects Rob Bar Across From Police Station During Officer’s Retirement Party https://t.co/jMXlLIh14s #BlueLivesMatter
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