In the United States will warn of earthquakes using smartphones

In the United States will warn of earthquakes using smartphones

Yesterday afternoon, may 29 in California, three miles from Anza, was an earthquake of magnitude 3.5 points.

As reported in the US Geological survey (USGS), the earthquake occurred at a depth of about 4 km. the Epicenter was 18 miles from palm springs and 63 miles North of San Diego.
Data about destructions or casualties yet.

Over the past few years the city of California has taken steps to modernize old buildings because of the threat of the destruction during earthquakes. Thus, only in Los Angeles are at risk of more than 15 thousand buildings, writes the LA Times.

It is expected that next year, the scientists and the USGS will release early warnings about earthquakesthat will alert residents about the dangers of using smartphones and computers. The creation of such a system was planned for many years, but there is still a risk that it will not see the light of day due to budget cuts initiated by President trump.

But apart from the state, residents of California as earthquake-prone region, should also care about your safety, experts say.

Seismologist Lucy Jones tells people that the money they spend on building their home during construction is a good investment.

«You still have to pay – either during construction or when the will to restore its shattered pieces of the house,» says seismologist. «A major earthquake will happen sooner or later, it’s inevitable. It is only a matter of time.»