A man who has stood up for pensioners, beat hula Hoop

A man who has stood up for pensioners, beat hula Hoop

On Sunday, the dancers in the subway beat a resident of Brooklyn his hula-Hoop because he stood up for a few elderly people who refused to pay the dancers for the performance.

The victim, Jean Loup Wolfman, couldn’t stand it when one of the dancers began to extort money from an elderly Jewish couple. He began to threaten the man in age, and then knocked the yarmulke from his head. When the Wolfman asked the bully to calm down an aggressive young man turned his attention on him. The man then pulled out my hula Hoop and asked to have a dance contest.

The idea is not liked by the attacker. He took away Wolfman hula Hoop and hit him on the head. Gradually, the fight moved to the platform. All this time the victim screamed loudly and called the police. Wolfman claims that he was also punched in the face, and then the assailant smashed his guitar on the stairs.

Police managed to catch the suspect. They found davon Sojourn, 19-year-old dancer from Canarsie»s Bay. He is accused of assault and disorderly conduct. In addition, a record of the attacker’s listed as an open case about Smoking marijuana in public places and failure to appear for a hearing regarding the violation of public order.

According to police, Wolfman received a head injury, however, hospitalization is not required. The scene was the station of the Transit District 4.

Despite his misadventures, Wolfman hopes that people will draw from this history lesson: «do Not be afraid to stand up and help people».