In Brooklyn a drunk driver hit four cyclists

In Brooklyn a drunk driver hit four cyclists

Sunday, September 10, Abel Pina, who was driving a Dodge minivan, killing four cyclists.

It happened in the Brooklyn area of Borough Park, around 09:00, when 39-year-old driver left his Parking space, located along the road at the intersection of 39th Street and 12th Avenue.

In Brooklyn a drunk driver hit four cyclists

It was at that moment near the Parking area were four cyclistswho stopped at a red light.

They participated in the race in the framework of the 28th annual sports event, NYC Century Bike Tour. Usually it is attended by not less than 6,000 people.

After a few moments, Pina, the car which stood out for cyclists, accelerated and hit them.

“He just turned in the direction of cyclists, and began to knock them down like dominoes. It was a horrible sight,” said Justianna Kuberski, one of the participants in.

Victims of a steel driver three men: 31-year-old, 43-year-old and 55-year-old. The fourth victim was a 55-year-old Nancy Pease, who moved the van. She is stuck under his wheels.

“I ran over there and saw that she had pressed the tire of the front wheel. It’s awful. She was twisted in an unnatural position. Her right hand twirled around the head. People tried to pull the woman from under the car, but we said that they stopped and waited for the fire service and they arrived very quickly to the challenge,” said a local resident Hector Mercado.

Video shows @FDNY working on rescuing the female cyclist struck at 12 ave 39 street

— New York City Alerts (@NYCityAlerts) November 10, 2017

«The video shows that the staff of the Fire Department of new York city are working to rescue the cyclists that got hit at the intersection of 12th Avenue and 39th Street».

The wounded were taken to a hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, where doctors concluded that she is in critical condition.

There brought 31-year-old Brandon Paynter, who escaped with bruises on the hands, elbows, knees and back. The remaining victims from medical care refused.

According to Franco Gil, one of the witnesses, Abel tried to escape, but was stopped by another man.

When police arrived, Abel Pina was taken into custody, charging him with prosecution for driving drunk, and for the lack of a driver’s license.