Police looking for man who raped two women, climbing through the window

Police looking for man who raped two women, climbing through the window

Employees of the Department of the new York police are searching for a man who is suspected of raping two womenliving in the Bronx.

Last Sunday, September 10, at about midnight, an unknown man climbed into the bedroom of a 28-year-old womanliving in the area of Soundview. To get to the window through which you can get into her apartment, the perpetrator had used the fire escape.

Finding himself in front of his victim, the man pulled out a gun, sent to the woman’s side and demanded to give him all her money. After that he raped her.

From this apartment, he got out the same way you got in – through the window.

After reviewing the record in street surveillance cameras, law enforcement agencies have established the appearance of the suspect. His approximate height and weight of 1.7 m and 91 kg, colour – dark. He was dressed in a light jacket and dark trousers and wore a light cap and black and white shoes.

WANTED: Male for sexually assaulting a woman in an apt near Thieriot Ave, #Bronx. Displayed a gun. Call #800577TIPS with info. @NYPD43Pct pic.twitter.com/nXBORs4ss2

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) August 16, 2017

«Wanted: man for sexually abusing a woman living in the apartment next to Thieriot Avenue, Bronx. He showed the weapon.»

The police suspect him of committing similar crimes, which occurred on a nearby street in November 2016. At that time someone had snuck into the apartment through a kitchen window and raped a 20-year-old woman.