«He went mad» — the brother of suspect Steven Paddock shocked

«He went mad» — the brother of suspect Steven Paddock shocked

Today the news about the mass shooting, which has already been called the bloodiest in American history, stunned the world. It would seem, who are not relatives can tell you about all the secret motives which prompted the killer to this unspeakably cruel act. But the suspect’s brother Stephen Paddock, Eric, said their family was «stunned» occurred.

«He was a normal guy. Something happened, he just flipped,» he assured the brother of the Las Vegas shooter, who fired a 30-strong crowd, while killing some 58 people and wounding – 515. He argues that their family is really shocked, they didn’t have no idea about the motives of the murder. He told CNN that for him this news is as good as «fallen from the sky by the asteroid».

Mother of Stephen and Erica for the past 90 years. The suspect’s brother said that this surprised and terribly shocked their mother. Their family is now in your house and hope that they will not prosecute journalists or they will not become victims of attacks.

Brother Never For The Life Of Me Will I Understand That

Posted by Eric Paddock on Monday, October 2, 2017

«We have no idea what happened. Our condolences to the victims and their families,» Eric said. According to brother, they were very close and lived far away from each other. Despite the fact that they communicated infrequently, Eric assured me that, as far as he knows, his brother has no «no political or religious affiliation».

The last time he talked with his brother a few weeks ago during hurricane Irma. Then Steven called to check up on their mother, because she remained without electricity. And personally, with the mother of the suspect spoke about a week ago.

As it became known, in the room where the killer shot, were found about eight firearms. Eric says that his brother was not «advanced shooter», and added that he has no idea where Steven could take such an Arsenal. The man had legally purchased the weapons: pistols and long-barreled weapons, but it had never before enjoyed.

He believes that the companion of Marylou of denli has nothing to do with the murders. The authorities, suspecting the woman of being involved, now sure of denli is in the Philippines and not involved in the tragedy. The Guardian reported that of denli made contact and cooperated with police.

Eric told me that Stephen was an accountant, and had no children. Brother shared very interesting information about their real father. It turned out that their father, who died a few years ago, was a famous Bank robber. He was even included in the list of most wanted criminals the FBI after he escaped from prison in the 1960-ies.

We will remind, the terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the shooting, but has not provided any facts. Soon the FBI learned that a mass shooting in Las Vegas has no connection to any international terrorist organizations.

After a search of the house police found no evidence that would confirm the identity of Stephen to the radicals. Sheriff of Las Vegas , Joseph Lombardo has called the shooter a «lone wolf».


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