Family forgot 3-year-old son in a corn field

Family forgot 3-year-old son in a corn field

Crazy Corn Maze in the suburbs of salt lake city, West Jordan, is a favorite place of many families with children. But for one family this outing ended in a horrible incident. Mother forgot their 3-year-old son in a corn field and thought about it the next day.

Monday night at the entrance to the corn maze kid noticed one of the visitors. According to witnesses, the boy froze, was frightened, but unharmed.

Family forgot 3-year-old son in a corn field

«He was crying, sounded upset and feared – told The Washington Post Kendall Schmidt, co-owner of Crazy Corn Maze. We tried to calm him down».

Schmidt revealed that employees of the labyrinth and the police failed to find the family of the boy who couldn’t give his name. «He could say her cat’s name or the name of the brother, but not his own,» added Schmidt.

The baby was transferred to the Department for children and families (DCFS) in Utah and spent the night under their care. The next day, about 7:45 a.m., the police received a call from a woman who feared that could leave her young son in the labyrinth.

Police Sergeant West Jordan , Joe Monson reported that the boy’s family, information on which officials have not yet disclosed, lives in the house with lots of people. According to Monson, the mother arrived at the police station for questioning, and brought with him another ten children. Monson added that the police have no right at this point to disclose the child’s status because of privacy policy.

Ashley Sumner, a spokesman DCFS stated that, as a rule, in such cases, the child is sent to a temporary shelter, a family who will raise the child without a formal adoption, or other relatives.

Sergeant of the local police assured that the case of 3-year-old boy is still under investigation, and may result in criminal liability.

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Posted by Crazy Corn Maze on Saturday, October 7, 2017