In Northern California, burning farm with marijuana

In Northern California, burning farm with marijuana

For about five days flattering fires, which are one of the most large-scale and «dominated» on the territory of Northern California, capturing 170,000 acres of land. They destroyed the rich vineyards in NAPA County, and has now made it to another harvest – of cannabis, which is not prohibited in this state.

Despite the fact that the use of medical marijuana legal in California since 1996, but recreational cannabis was approved by referendum last year, the cultivators are unable to insure their business because Federal law prohibits cannabis.

In Northern California, burning farm with marijuana

According to estimates Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech, which grows and sells marijuana in California, farmers typically invest more than $ 5 million in equipment and up to $ 3 million on the cultivation of the crop.

«Now either someone has no insurance, said Nikki Lastreto, Secretary of the Association of the production of cannabis in Mendocino. – They may have insurance on the house, but not on their harvest.»

«If their objects burned, many of these people will not be able to receive the benefit on an insurance payment, said Peterson. This is a huge risk for the people».

Lastreto said that he knows several people who have lost their farms – mainly in the County of SONOMA. According to her, in southern Mendocino right now burning some of the enterprises for cultivation of cannabis.

As CNN reports, forest fires are unlikely to have a significant impact on the overall supply of marijuana in California, as close to state there are many other farms.

Photos from above reveal the staggering devastation from the deadly California wildfires.

— ABC News (@ABC) October 12, 2017

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Wildfires raging in Northern California have left at least 23 people dead and have burned at least 3,500 structures.

— ABC News (@ABC) October 12, 2017