A police officer was suspended after he «dragged» by the hair of the twin girls

A police officer was suspended after he «dragged» by the hair of the twin girls

On Thursday near the building of the high school in the city of orange, CA, there was a scuffle between the police officer and sister twins. A police officer, for unknown reasons, tried to detain 17-year-old girls who used brute force and even grabbed them by the hair.

Nyasia and Kasia Sollers – the actual participants in the fighting spoke about the details of the incident. According to them, they came out from school to grab a snack before you go to a group practice. Officer Hanif Davis were patrolling near the place where they ate the girls.

In the video, filmed by eyewitness, you can see all the details of the incident. On the record, Davis is talking to Kasia when approaching her sister. Then the officer grabs one of them by the hair and throws it on the ground, a few seconds later he does the same with the second.

«He shouldered his way through the people and grabbed me, obloquy to the pizza shop, just glass, that’s how I got a black eye, and then she (the sister) came to see what happened, and he grabbed her as well and dragged», – told his version of the incident Kiasia.

«I was in the store, but saw through the window as he grabbed her and threw her on the glass, so I went to find out what happened, and he pushed me. Then I got up and tried to get it» – has told Nyasia.

The girls claim that the same officer stopped them before, when they were driving for Uber with his mother. In the framework of the investigation it became known that officer Davis did not just stop the car: he blamed teenagers and their mother in prostitution.

In a statement issued on Friday, mayor Dwayne Warren and police Department said that officer Davis was suspended from duty pending an investigation.

Both girls now accused of resisting arrest. In this regard on Friday under the main building of the Sheriff’s office had gathered by the hundreds of teenagers who demanded that the charges against the twins were dropped.


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