The truck driver earned stolen from McDonald’s food $20,000

The truck driver earned stolen from McDonald’s food $20,000

In this world everything is possible, and in new York – and even more so. It is in this city, the truck driver stole so many things that we love to McDonald’s – French fries, Apple pies, chicken nuggets and hamburgers – and no, not eaten, and sold the grocery store in Harlem for a total value of $20,000.

This driver was 43-year-old Kojo Lockhart working for a large logistics company Martin Brower, which has partnered with the McDonald’s Corporation is already for 50 years.

A lot of questions is the decision located at the intersection of 120th Street and First Avenue shop J&D Deli, which purchased the goods. In any case, the loss will notice very quickly and then will certainly start searching. Many recognizable appearance and taste of food, so clearly reminiscent of the bestsellers from popular fast food chains, and this will greatly facilitate this task.

Although, the employees of J&D Deli quite successfully could resell in the store were in the truck with eggs, ketchup, oil, sugar, cheese, bacon, sausage and pancake.

It is not surprising that the police pretty quickly got on the trail of the missing frozen food, but has not finished the investigation till the end.

As for Lockhart, he was dismissed from Martin Brower, but apparently, he was not informed personally. Despite the fact that the incident occurred last month, on may 2, the robber still is at large.