The body of 3-year-old girl found in the pipeline after her father kicked out of the house

The body of 3-year-old girl found in the pipeline after her father kicked out of the house

3-year-old shereen Matthews from the city of Richardson, Texas, went missing on 7 October. The last time she was seen in the backyard of the house where she left the adoptive father of Wesley Matthews.

According to the police Department of Richardson, the child’s body was found on Sunday, October 22, around 11 am. It was in a culvert. For the search of girls were involved cynologists with specially trained dogs.

Sergeant Kevin Perlich said that the body has not yet been identified, but most likely it belongs to shereen Matthews. Her parents were informed about it. According to the police, the cause of death has not yet been established.

MORE: while ID is not yet confirmed — the body located during search Sherin Mathews, just 3 mins (.4 miles) drive from her home. @wfaachannel8

— David Goins (@dgoins) October 22, 2017

It is known that Blue and Wesley Matthews took shereen from an Indian orphanage. According to police, the girl observed development problems and limited communication skills.

As the girl was alone on the streets?

Father Sherin told the police what happened the night she went missing. October 7, about 3 o’clock in the morning the man left his foster daughter near the tree in the backyard as punishment. According to him, he did it due to the fact that she refused to drink milk. Father believed that she will return home.

The mother of the missing Richardson girl says she is still hopeful of the girl’s safe return. 3-year-old Sherin Mathews disappeared on Saturday.

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The girl was about 100 feet from their homes. Matthews later admitted to the police that he had heard that in their lane saw the coyotes. Father has assured that he returned 15 minutes later after he had left the child, but the girl was gone. Her mother was sleeping at the time.

According to police, Matthews contacted the police five hours later after he realized that the child was missing. On the same day the man was arrested and accused of having abandoned your daughter or endangering her life. At the moment, the father was released on bail.

«No comment.» This is the 1st time we’ve seen Wesley Mathews since he was arrested for child endangerment after daughter Sherin disappeared

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Flowers, mementos left for missing 3-year-old girl grows. Message left for Sherin Mathews’ parents on empty milk container. @CBSDFW #DFW

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Community Reacts To Discovery Of Body Near Missing 3-Year-Old’s Home — CBS DFW #discovery #explore

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«This was the reaction of society to the discovery of the body of a missing 3-year-old child.»