Florida residents in fear because of a serial killer

Florida residents in fear because of a serial killer

In one of the city of Tampa, state of Florida, police accompany children to school and city bus changes its route. Residents in fear of wielding assassins.

Over the past two weeks three people were shot within a mile radius in a peaceful area of Seminole Heights. Police believe the murders are connected, but so far they have no motive, no suspect.

Florida residents in fear because of a serial killer

All three of the victims were not acquainted with each other, but traveled on the same bus. They were shot on the street, all valuables were left untouched.

«I’m scared,» says the Associated Press Maria Maldonado, who lives just 300 yards from the murder sites. The woman no longer allows his seven year old son play in the yard. «We don’t open the door, sit in the house. Many are afraid».

Seminole Heights is located to the North-East of downtown Tampa. Residents and entrepreneurs are told that they have a burglary or a fight, but they are not accustomed to the horror that began on 9 October.

«People don’t come to shop,» says Majed, Fokaha, owner of M&M. «I Have a gun and I keep it loaded in hand, when in the evening go to my car».

The mayor of Tampa Bob Buckhorn announced that the city transferred to the area by dozens of officers who are on duty day and night. «We’re going to find this person and don’t leave until you do that,» added the mayor.

He decided not to use the term «serial killer», but did the chief of police of the city of Bryan Dugan. «We can call it whatever you like, if it will attract attention and help to catch him», he said.

According to police, the first murder took place on 9 October. The victim was 22-year-old Benjamin Mitchell. Two days later in a vacant lot was killed 32-year-old Monica Hoff. 20-year-old Anthony Naiboa shot October 19.

Police search for potential serial killer in Tampa https://t.co/bX3JEScKPp pic.twitter.com/Ore9mlcsrF

— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) October 23, 2017

80-year-old Lula Mae Lewis, who lived in Seminole Heights for more than 30 years, heard the gunshots that night he killed Monica.

«I heard them, but was afraid to open the door because they were so loud, like he was shot very close,» he told the NY Post the woman.