The teenager was discovered in his bed drunk clown

The teenager was discovered in his bed drunk clown

Sunday a teenager from Marlborough, VT, was found in his bed a surprise that it is not happy. It was a clown.

No, the comic character was not an element of the drawing in honor of Halloween — just that he was so drunk that penetrated into the territory of another home and fell asleep there.

The young man whose bedroom was occupied uninvited guest did not appreciate the joke and called the police. Around 3:30 arrived at the call, officers arrested 43-year-old funny man from Wilmington named Sean Barber. The police report that when he was cocaine.

A clown came to in a correctional facility, where he was taken by the police. In December, Barber will have to appear in court where he will stand charged with illegal entry into the territory of private ownership and possession of drugs.









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