Washington Post: wife of the new York terrorist «shocked and horrified»

Washington Post: wife of the new York terrorist «shocked and horrified»

The wife of the terrorist who was run over by a truck of people in Manhattan, did not know that her husband planned the attack and was stunned by the news.

As the Washington Post reported a few hours after the tragic events of people who do not want to be identified, contacted the wife of Alisher Saipov 24-year-old Nosimo Delovoy. According to him, she seemed «shocked and was terrified, I was frightened and saddened».

Washington Post: wife of the new York terrorist «shocked and horrified»

At a time when the conversation took place, FBI agents were already in the house Delovoy, urging her to cooperate with the investigation. The woman agreed to facilitate the investigation and denied that he knew about the conspiracy of her husband.

As it turned out, in March 2013 Odilova married a suspected terrorist , Saifullo Saipov. The couple first lived in Ohio and Florida, then moved to new Jersey. They have three children – two girls and a boy.

Neighbors Saipov in Paterson said that did not often see him, but described the immigrants as «quiet family man».

Photo of the house of Uzbek terrorist responsible for the #Manhattan #NYAttack. He has a wife and three kids. pic.twitter.com/u0EGYhI0S0

— Jeffery F. (@Natsecjeff) November 1, 2017

Altana of Dimitrovska, who lives in the same house with the family of the terrorist, was surprised to see the incident on the news. She often watches Saipov’s driving your child to school.

The woman said that once she asked, if it works. Saipov was assured that Yes, but she never noticed, so he went to work.

According to investigators, Saipov was already obsessed with ISIS, when he moved to Paterson a few months ago. They found that the suicide year, planning this attack and chose the day of the celebration of Halloween, because I was sure that the street will be more people.

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