Man kills lover for refusing to marry him

Man kills lover for refusing to marry him

It does not get you to anybody! thought a resident of Pennsylvania, when his girlfriend refused to offer hands and hearts. Then 34-year-old Christopher Tucker brutally murdered 19-year-old Tara Serino.

The tragic incident occurred Monday and Tuesday in Albany Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. The suspect invited a friend to her home to ask her to marry him, but she did not reciprocate.

Man kills lover for refusing to marry him

Serino rejected suitor, told him that she has other men, and finally inadvertently said that their marriage will take place only through her body.

She could not imagine what the jealous owner will take her words as a guide to action.

He strangled girlfriend, then slit her neck, squeezed his eyes and hacked the body with an axe. Then Tucker turned the remains of Serino into the carpet, and he tried to run.

The police found the killer in the County of Champaign, Illinois. He was detained on the truck while trying to climb in a combine harvester of a local farmer.

After searching his home, investigators found the body Serino that the relatives were looking for Monday.

Currently, Tucker is in a correctional institution of the place of arrest. As it turned out, before the murder he was three times arrested for drunken driving — for the last time, October 26, when a intruder was marijuana, and other illegal substances. A few days after his arrest, he was released on bail.

Such incidents are not so rare. Less than a year ago a resident of Illinois fatally wounded from a gun lover for refusing to marry him, and in November 2010, the 22-year-old Californian has tried to knock the girl to deny him the car.