84-year-old doctor fights for the license have been revoked due to lack of computer skills

84-year-old doctor fights for the license have been revoked due to lack of computer skills

Anna Konopka, 84-year-old doctor from new Hampshire, defended their right to a license, which he lost last month.

However, the new Hampshire Commission on drugs don’t agree with it. The reason for the revocation – lack of computer skills. They interfere with the doctor to use the electronic control of drugs aimed at reducing the number of cases of opioid overdose.

In the office, Konopka don’t have a computer, and the doctor does not know how to use it. All patient records Anna remains in manuscript form. «The problem is that I don’t use a computer,» says Konopka – «I need to deal with it. It takes a lot of time. I don’t have much free time.»

Also Conopco a complaint was filed regarding the treatment of 7-year-old patient with asthma. The doctor allowed the parents to dispense prescribed medicine and also refused treatment with steroids. Anna herself said that they never harm a patient, and accused the boy’s parents ignoring her instructions. However, since the doctor had filed 4 complaints.

Its popularity among patients Anna Konopka was acquired due to the fact that to each she applies an individual approach, and that suited those who are tired of the indifference of the doctors of major hospitals. «I’m interested in helping people. I went into medicine not for the money» — says the woman.

Stanley Wright, Anna patient with chronic back pain, says: «My last doctor prescribed too much medication, and she [Konopka] prescribed herbal medicines and I feel better».

At the hearing, Konopka said that the departure from the practice poses a risk to her patients, as it is difficult to find another doctor who will prescribe medication. But assistant attorney General Leane Cusack believes that the request of Anna should be rejected because she was given sufficient time to close the practice and to help patients find another doctor.

This beloved 84-year-old doctor lost her license for not using computers. Now she’s fighting to get it back. Story: https://t.co/JQslgkKwkk pic.twitter.com/bNDqkYPmN9

— AP Eastern U. S. (@APEastRegion) November 3, 2017