The driver of the ice cream van was a pedophile

The driver of the ice cream van was a pedophile

The police managed to defuse the pedophile that lured children with ice cream. Currently, it is known about two victims, but investigators believe that they can be much more.

51-year-old Issam Fathi Mohamed Rahma was looking for his young victims in the poor districts Durham, North Carolina. Possessing a refrigerator truck to transport the ice cream he easily captured the attention of the children.

The driver of the ice cream van was a pedophile

According to official data of the police of Durham, in the last two weeks from its actions has suffered two boys. The first incident occurred on October 22 at Hoover road and the second on October 25, junction-road.

According to the mother of one of the victims, which did not want to disclose his name, the wily attacker asked her 9-year-old son to help him pass out free treats to children in the area. The boy without hesitation agreed, but as soon as the child was in the van, the door closed and the driver began to feel. Fortunately, the attacker was limited, and then released the victim, «thanking» ice cream.

The boy decided to tell his mother about the incident only last Wednesday, making him the offender and managed to hold. It was at this time suspicious of a refrigerator truck was back in their area. When the woman demanded the driver explanation, he denied everything, but she took a picture of the plate with the license plate of his car.

Two days later the pedophile was arrested.

According to residents of Hoover, the red wagon Ford has repeatedly been seen in the area and every time I near it there were lots of kids.

In the search for additional victims police have released the number plate of the vehicle the offender: PCZ-3617. All who have suffered from criminal acts, please contact us by phone (919) 560-4440 or (919) 683-1200.