Texas arrow was able to buy a gun because of «mistakes» in a U.S. air force base

Texas arrow was able to buy a gun because of «mistakes» in a U.S. air force base

Staff military-air forces of the USA because of its «omissions» allowed to put Texas arrow your terrible plan into action and to commit the most deadly mass shooting in Texas history.

In 2012, Devin Kelly, who shot parishioners at First Baptist Church, was convicted of assaulting his wife and stepson and a dishonorable discharge from service in the U.S. air force.

Texas arrow was able to buy a gun because of «mistakes» in a U.S. air force base

But someone from the police force carried out the act, which, perhaps, will regret a lifetime. The representatives admitted that are unable to transmit information about the sentence Kelly to the National information center on criminal cases (NCIC).

If data on domestic violence was entered in the NCIC database and the Federal Bureau of investigation, Kelly could not legally buy guns in the sporting goods store.

Christopher Combs, special agent office of the FBI in San Antonioreported that neither the NCIC nor the other two related databases had any information that would be on legal grounds forbade Kelly to buy any of the three units of the police weapons that were found at hand.

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As it became known, the criminal managed to buy about 4 weapons during four years, despite the violence in the family and criminal past.

All the previous steps led to the fact that on Sunday, November 5, Kelly went to the Church of the town of Sutherland springs and fired about 450 rounds from his rifle the Ruger AR-556, which he is legally sold in April 2016.

The representative of the Department of public safety in Texas, Freeman Martin, said that two more gun was discovered in the shooter’s car, where he shot himself in the head.

Representatives of the Pentagon assured that the air force had opened up an investigation in connection with the discovery of the error. They must determine why the conviction of their former employee was not added to the database.

The Ministry of defence, for its part, urged the inspector General to audit other similar cases in order to avoid the probable repetition.

Crosses honoring the 26 killed at First Baptist Church sit in a field near a ball park near Fifth Street in Sutherland Springs on Tuesday pic.twitter.com/QbHqUwSpXX

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