Texas gunman escaped from a psychiatric hospital in 2012

Texas gunman escaped from a psychiatric hospital in 2012

The President, Donald trump declared that Texas shooter had mental problems, he was right. As it turned out, the mental health of the killer was so shaky that the man even was treated in a specialized institution, where he managed to escape.

According to the police report for June 7, 2012, the murderer who shot and killed Sunday 26 people, threatened his superiors in the service of the air force physical violence and tried to smuggle weapons on a military base Holloman, new Mexico, for which he was sent to the hospital.

Texas gunman escaped from a psychiatric hospital in 2012

After escaping the police managed to detain the patient’s hospital Peak Behavioral Health Services at the bus station in a nearby state in El Paso, TX.

Later in the same year, the military has pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife and child – he tried to strangle wife and fractured the skull stepson. After which he was sentenced to one year in prison.

FBI agents said they have not yet managed to unlock a mobile phone killer. On this device, possibly hiding information that could give a precise answer to the question: «What prompted the shooter to a mass shooting?»

Law enforcement officers sent the phone to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia, for a more detailed examination of technical experts.

With this situation, the FBI has faced 2 years ago when the Bureau failed to unlock iPhone one of the instigators of mass murder in San Bernardino, California. After a formal request to Apple for help representatives of the company refused to cooperate. In the end, the hackers, the FBI was able to unlock the phone.

We will remind, the authorities urged not to mention the name of the shooter, to protect those who may be inspired by his terrible deed.