FBI agents searched the headquarters of the main supplier of the US authorities

FBI agents searched the headquarters of the main supplier of the US authorities

Federal agents seized records of the company MedCure Inc, which annually encourages thousands of Americans to bequeath their bodies for scientific purposes, and then makes a profit from the distribution of authorities between researchers and teachers. The company itself refuses to comment on the nature of the allegations and the investigation. One of the insiders said that agents seized from MedCure record, but have not taken parts.

We will remind, MedCure was founded in 2005, is one of the largest suppliers of bodies and organs in the United States. According to publicly available documents, in the period from 2011 to 2015, the company took more than 11,000 of donated organs, and has distributed more than 51 000 pieces of telephone Typically, these companies focus primarily on people who can’t afford to pay for the funeral or cremation.

In the United States are not allowed to profit from the sale of organsintended for transplantation, e.g., heart and kidneys. However, the Reuters investigation showed that in most U.S. States to sell donated body or their dismembered parts, such as the hands and head, medical research, training and education, legitimately. The reporter bought two of the head and spine in Tennessee after a short correspondence on the Internet.

The search warrant indicates that authorities have progressed in MedCure. Corporate lawyer Jeffrey Edelson says the company is «fully cooperating with the FBI and will answer any questions of the government about business.»