Father the hero from Florida has prevented the kidnapping of the daughter

Father the hero from Florida has prevented the kidnapping of the daughter

51-year-old man from Florida shot three times toward the four intruders who tried to enter his garage. As later found by the police, the arrested teenagers were not only going to Rob his house, but to kidnap the daughter.

The investigation of the police district of Okaloosa showed that four teenagers thought the undertaker Terry Brakni a rich man and was plotting a conspiracy whose goal was the home invasion and the kidnapping of his daughter amber.

Father the hero from Florida has prevented the kidnapping of the daughter

On Tuesday, November 7, at approximately 10:30 p.m. 17-year-old girl called her father and said that someone tried to block the road near their home with barrels. According to the man, it was a blatant attempt to force her out of the car and walk. The girl managed to drive around the obstacle. Do not fall for the trick of the attackers, she went on.

The County Sheriff’s office of Okaloosa said: «They (the suspects) the initial goal was to get her out of his car by blocking the road with barrels and trash cans».

Then four of the alleged offenders had planned to go to the house, in their view, wealthy men to Rob the home.

But teenagers do not have time to implement his evil plan: Bracni heard some movement near the garage, grabbed a gun and ran outside. Noticing the man, the men started to run towards the forest. Brakni kept his head and fired three shots in pursuit of 4 figures.

A neighbor spotted a «suspicious car», which rapidly went from the scene, and reported it to the Manager of emergency services 911. Soon the patrol was able to detain a white jeep on highway 4.

Inside the car they found four boys. They were identified as Kalon Johnson (19), Austin French (age 17), Tyree Johnson (16 years old) and Kamouri horn (15 years). In the car officers found a knife and some guns.

All four are charged with attempted kidnapping and theft with illegal penetration.

Four teens armed with a knife, guns and a roll of tape planned to kidnap and rob members of a family Baker last night,…

Posted by Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, November 8, 2017


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