A third-grader from Florida was almost killed because of a sharp pencil

A third-grader from Florida was almost killed because of a sharp pencil

When a child takes with him the lessons of the pencil, do you suspect that the subject can carry in mortal danger? It turns out that can.

The bloody incident occurred in elementary school Equestrian Trails in Wellington, FL. On Wednesday, the third-grader Colston moradi almost died during the school day from wounds of his own pencil.

Coming out of the class, the teacher read Mandy Kapopoulos noticed on the floor, a thin red line. With the hope that it’s just juice, the woman went on the trail. In the end he gave Kapopoulos to disciple, and she realized — it’s not juice.

The boy stood in a puddle of blood. «He did not shout and did not cry,» recalls the shocked teacher. She hastily squeezed the heck out of the wound on his arm, and then the help arrived, the nurse and her assistant.

Women put the boy a harness, so he doesn’t bleed out before paramedics got there.

As it turned out, that day Colston should have sharpened the pencil and put it in the pocket of his backpack. When the boy sat up, without removing the briefcase, a sharp stylus was stuck in his hand and nicked an artery.

According to doctors, the school staff literally saved a child’s life. Without a timely response Kapopoulos and nurses, he could not wait for admission.





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