Seized in the Bronx fentanyl would be enough to kill 6 million people

Seized in the Bronx fentanyl would be enough to kill 6 million people

Sixteen people arrested in new York, Florida and new Jersey. They are all members of the group, which is «masked» by the company for the delivery of drugs and in fact was a drug dealer.

During the searches in the Bronx , police and agents of the narcotics found 13 pounds of heroin, 6 pounds of cocaine and more than £ 25 fentanyl – heavy duty opiod. This amount of fentanyl can kill 6 million people. In addition, law enforcement officers seized 175 thousand dollars – «production» group of the recent transactions.

«This investigation became a final chord of a major operation,» he told NBC New York the Commissioner of the police Department of new York James O’neill. «If these people thought I would be able to masquerade as services for the delivery of drugs, they had underestimated the acumen of the district attorney Bronx».

It is established that the drugs in new York came primarily from Florida. They were distributed in the Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester County and new Jersey. Mainly sold on the streets, but two people (by the way – advertising specialist and real estate agent) the opioids were taken «on-call».

Arrested in new York have already been charged, three detainees in Florida and new Jersey awaiting extradition.

One of the suspects even jumped out of the window of the second floor of the hotel in Manhattan, trying to escape from the police with 30 thousand dollars.