The gang MS-13 beheaded a man and cut out his heart

The gang MS-13 beheaded a man and cut out his heart

The man killed in Maryland the members of the gang MS-13, was decapitated and his chest cut out heart. In addition, on the body counted more than 100 stab wounds.

This was reported by law enforcement in Maryland.

The gang MS-13 beheaded a man and cut out his heart

According to Montgomery County police, the murder, according to the coroner, occurred in the spring, but found the body only in the fall, as the killer buried him.

One of the suspects recently detained in North Carolina, writes The Washington Post.

The arrested 19 – year-old Miguel angel «Timido» Lopez-Abrego. He was charged with first-degree murder, he is arrested without the right of bail.

Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego is the alleged MS-13 Member Arrested In Death of Decapitated Body

— Fugitive Watch (@FugitiveWatch) November 23, 2017

According to court documents, to find the victim’s body helped the informant from among MS-13.

He told police that Miguel Lopez-Abrego helped to lure murdered in a Park in Silver Spring, on the radio told the other members of the gang, a man came and first attacked him with a knife. The tomb of the investigators also cited an informant.

The victim’s identity has not been established. It is known that he is a Latino male about 5 feet 2 inches, weighing about 126 pounds. He had short, dark brown hair, the lower jaw was missing a tooth.

The victim was dressed in a sweatshirt with the words «First United Methodist Church Laurel». At itself the man had a rosary.

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to contact police Montgomery County, Maryland, by number: (240) 773-5070.

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