Youth pastor killed his family on thanksgiving

Youth pastor killed his family on thanksgiving

After returning from a Church service on thanksgiving Day, a youth pastor from Chester, Virginia, broke the main commandment — «thou shalt not kill». After a family quarrel 58-year-old Christopher Gettys fatally wounded from firearms of the wife, her daughter and boyfriend’s daughter.

Youth pastor killed his family on thanksgivingPhoto Janet L. Gettys and her daughter Candace L. Kunz

Around 11:30, police officers found the victims in the house on the alley, Dogwood ridge after neighbors reported the shots. The body of 58-year-old Janet L. Gettys and 30-year-old Candace L. Kunz were in the room, and 36-year-old Andrew Matrona in the yard.

Youth pastor killed his family on thanksgiving

Their killer was immediately detained at the scene — in the arrest he did not resist. At the moment, Gettys is held in the County jail of Chester without the possibility of release on bail. He is charged with the triple murder of the first degree and committing a criminal offence using a firearm.

Neighbors of the pastor in shock. One of them, Mike brown, described the suspect as a kind and friendly man. The priest from the Church Grace Lutheran, where he served as Gettys, refuses to believe his involvement in the crime, calling the pastor a «great man».

It is unclear what was the motive for the murder. According to the records on the page of Christopher Gettys, he married his late wife 8 years ago.

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Since then, almost all the photographs the couple posed together.

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