The man shot the woman, mistaking her for a deer

The man shot the woman, mistaking her for a deer

Walk with the dogs after sunset has become a 43-year-old woman last in her life – a hunter fatally shot his neighbor, mistaking her for a deer.

43-year-old rosemary Billquist regularly walking their two Labradors, Stella and sugar in his native town of Sherman, new York, which is near the border with Pennsylvania. Wednesday night she went for a walk since the beginning of twilight. At this time of day it is easy to confuse a human with an animal, which led to a fatal outcome: hunter Thomas Jadlowski shot at the moving figure, thinking it was a deer.

Posted by Jamie Billquist on Friday, October 13, 2017

The man told investigators that he was 200 yards (about 183 m) from the victim when fired. When the hunter heard the screams of a woman and realized his mistake, he immediately contacted the dispatcher on 911. All the time before the police and ambulance, he was with a woman.

According to Sergeant Josh Ostrander, who arrived on the scene, that night Yadlowski was shocked and could not believe what was happening. «It definitely was hard,» – said the representative of law enforcement bodies.

As reported by investigators, the woman was taken to the nearest hospital, but to save her failed.

The husband of the deceased, James Billquist, told CNN that his «wife was an amazing person capable of anything for others.» She worked at the hospital in Jamestown for 25 years and was a volunteer at shelters and nursing homes.

«I’ll miss you and always love you, and I know you are dancing in heaven with your mom and all our friends and family we have lost,» he wrote on Facebook.

Jadlovska was not charged, but the investigation is ongoing. As reported by Dale, Dunkelberger from the Department of environmental protection, the tragedy occurred after sunset, and this means that by law a man had no right to hunt.

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the kindness and support we have received from everyone and much love…

Posted by Jamie Billquist on Saturday, November 25, 2017