The woman who sent the bomb to Obama, calculated on a cat hair

The woman who sent the bomb to Obama, calculated on a cat hair

Evidence against a woman who is accused of sending homemade bombs to ex-President Barack Obama and the Governor of Texas to Greg Abbott, began a mobile phone, a cap from a bottle of sauce and a few typical clumps of cat hair.

The authorities asked the court charged 46-year-old Julie Popp, which allegedly sent a very dangerous explosive device two political leaders in October 2016.

The woman who sent the bomb to Obama, calculated on a cat hair

In the submitted report States that Abbott open the box with the bomb, but it didn’t work, because «he opened it not as intended». If all the explosion happened, it could lead to serious burns or even death.

The second package sent to the White house, was discovered during the screening. It contained a cell phone that belonged to another person, whose name, Poff is the same as that of the accused women.

The investigators also found that the premise Abbott was the lid from a jar for salad sauce Ken’s. According to witnesses, Poff bought this sauce for a dinner in honor of the anniversary.

Another clue was the cat hair that was found under the mailbox label. After FBI agents raided the house, Poff, they found that she has a few Pets. DNA analysis determined that the hair found belongs to one of the cats, Off.

According to the investigation, Poff allegedly claimed that she doesn’t like Obama and was disappointed with Governor Abbott, because «did not support her ex-husband.»

As reported by her former employer, Poff was dismissed due to the fact that she was accused of theft.

The woman was faced with six charges, including spreading of dangerous objects and transportation of explosives with intent to kill and injure.


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