The van tried to enter the motorcade trump

The van tried to enter the motorcade trump

The driver tried to enter the President’s motorcade Donald trump yesterday, Saturday, November 25.

The incident occurred in Florida, where trump held a festive weekend.
«At some point the person in the red van tried to enter the motorcade. Local law enforcement stopped the vehicle. Himself the driver was making obscene gestures and cursing,» — said in the White house.

The van tried to enter the motorcade trump

The President returned to his residence Mar-a-Lago in the afternoon, after spending nearly six hours at his Golf club, Trump International in West palm beach.

It is also reported that along the route of the motorcade on the roadside gathered a small group of supporters and opponents of the President with posters.

Recall that this fall, a resident of Virginia, who was riding a Bicycle, showed the middle finger to the cortege of trump. Later the woman was fired.

And in August in Missouri a car drove into the temporarily blocked the road on which drove the President’s motorcade. As reported by the local edition of Оzarks First, the collision did not happen, and the driver did not put forward any charges. As it turned out, his car just brakes.