The family found a Python in his toilet

The family found a Python in his toilet

On Friday evening, a family from Seattle found himself in the bathroom of the intruder. They found a 4-foot Python. The first snake was seen by the child. He called parents, and they immediately called the police.

On arrival officers found in the house «ball» (or Royal) Python is quite a popular pet among reptile lovers. These snakes are not poisonous and rarely bite. If threatened, they can quickly curl into a tight ball. That is what these pythons and is called «ball».

The Python was transferred to the Pacific Northwest Herpetological society, whose experts will take care of him to the owners.

Police are asking anyone recognising the snake at the photos, as well as those who know who she could belong to, please call 206-625-5011.

A Lake City family found a snake in their toilet. If it’s yours, please call 206 625-5011.

— Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD) November 25, 2017