Florida man hacked to death with a three foot tall with a sword (photos)

Florida man hacked to death with a three foot tall with a sword (photos)

Near the train tracks North of Avenue N in Lake Worth, state of Florida, discovered the bloodied body of a man. Near the victim’s body lay… a three foot tall sword.

On the same day, the police managed to detain the suspect. They found 51-year-old George S. Livingston, who is charged with murder.

He is under arrest in the County jail palm beach without the right of bail, reports the Sun-Sentinel.

According to preliminary information, the men were familiar, and between them and a fight ensued, during which Livingston and hacked to death with the sword of the opponent. The Sheriff’s office has not yet said what caused the conflict.

«Detectives interviewed witnesses and are developing versions of what happened,» said Teri Barbera, a representative of the Sheriff’s office Palm Beach County.

It is noteworthy that the detainee had twice imprisoned in Florida for stalking. Once it was in Broward County, the other in Palm Beach County.

We will remind, this year in Texas (but not in Florida!) was adopted the law on swords, according to which residents of the Lone star state are allowed to carry blades longer than 5.5 inches in public places.

A man in Florida has been charged with murder after he allegedly stabbed someone with a three-foot-long sword https://t.co/9mq05T5a6f pic.twitter.com/06lmYj2yo6

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