Police stopped a car which «disappeared» under the tree

Police stopped a car which «disappeared» under the tree

Police Department in Sudbury, Massachusetts, has posted on his page in Facebook photo of a car that was stopped by law enforcement officers the day after thanksgiving.

This image became a sort of message from the police for many drivers who are negligent to the carriage of Christmas trees.

Police stopped a car which «disappeared» under the tree

The photo shows that the evergreen beauty is situated on the roof of a minivan Mazda 5, hang on the sides and back branches that blocked the Windows and obscured the license plate.

It is not known whether the driver charged with any offence, but the police decided to took the opportunity to remind people that they must «carry holiday trees responsibly.»

According to the report, the automotive organization AAA, in the last three years, about 20 million Americans do not provide the proper conditions to transport the oil, creating a possible emergency on the road.

Here are some tips from the organization to ensure maximum security of all participants of traffic:

  • use a car with a roof rack, pickup truck, van or SUV to the tree is fully contained inside;
  • associate wood with quality ropes or tiedown straps;
  • wrap the tree in mesh before you put it on your car;
  • make sure the tree trunk is deployed forward;
  • pull the ropes to make sure they are well secured before you take off;
  • move as slowly as possible.

Sudbury PD would like to remind you to transport your Holiday trees responsibly. One of our Officer’s stopped this vehicle on Route 20 today!

Posted by Sudbury, MA Police Department on Friday, November 24, 2017