At the airport them. John Kennedy, two planes locked wings

At the airport them. John Kennedy, two planes locked wings

On Monday evening two aircraft are unable to miss each other at the International airport named after John F. Kennedy, Queens.

19:05 of aircraft bonded wings on the taxiway. The Boeing 777, owned by Egypt Air, hooked the right side of the left wing of the Airbus A330, flying Virgin Atlantic Flight.

Was about to fly to London on Virgin Flight out of JFK VS0004 — during taxi to the runway we you have with an aircraft taxiing next to us clipping our left wing — that’s the ground crew taking photos of the debris from the other aircraft

— Diana S. Fleischman (@sentientist) November 28, 2017

According to police, in connection with the incident, both aircraft returned to the terminal No. 4.

#PAPD ARFF Unit responded to Taxiway K, JFK at 7:05 pm, Monday, 11/27/17. An Egypt Air 777 clipped the wing of a Virgin Atlantic A330. Both planes were to depart, returned to Terminal 4. No passenger injuries reported.

— PAPD (@PAPD911) November 28, 2017

Fortunately, anybody from passengers has not suffered, but a larger Boeing has damaged Airbus — the latter had to be towed from the scene.

The Federal aviation administration said that the Egypt Air flight was supposed to go to Cairo, and Virgin Atlantic Flight to London.