In Los Angeles, the child drowned in a bucket

In Los Angeles, the child drowned in a bucket

Very often mothers of small children taking them to shops, salons and gyms because the child simply does not have anyone to leave. The usual practice has turned into a horrible tragedy in one of the fitness centers Los Angeles. The child choked water in buckets for washing floors, while his mother was in training. The baby was just a year old.

The incident occurred Thursday in the Studio of sport dance Zumba, which is located in the 12000 block of Saticoy street, North Hollywood.

In Los Angeles, the child drowned in a

Late morning, the mother went to the lesson, taking with him a young son. When the boy fell asleep, she left him in the room unattended and went to the gym.

While the woman was readying the physical form, the boy woke up and somehow fell into the tank — water was in the lungs before he managed to escape.

Paramedics arrived at the scene at 11:18, but to save the child failed. The circumstances of his death are investigated by the police and experts from the Department to combat the abuse of children.