Year-old girl hospitalized with drug overdose in the Bronx

Year-old girl hospitalized with drug overdose in the Bronx

The police Department of new York reports that last week two-year-old girl was hospitalized with a drug overdose.

One of them is in direct contact with heroin, which was left on the bed with her 20-year-old father, Edgardo Rodriguez. According to police, on Saturday, the ambulance took the baby out of the apartment, located near the intersection East Fordham Road and Tiebout Avenue and took her St. Barnabas Hospital. At the time of arrival of the ambulance, the girl was in critical condition, however doctors managed to save her, and now say that it is stable.

Gore-dad Rodriguez was arrested. He was charged with possession of drugs, criminal negligence and endangering the child’s life.

A few days later, on Monday, police arrived at the hospital St. Barnabas to investigate a similar case occurred with another girl of the same age. Currently, investigators are clarifying the circumstances of this case.

The news service of NBC reports that the girl’s parents walked with her in the region of 23:30 on Sunday. While walking the child is found on earth some sort of bag with an unknown substance and put it in his mouth. The girl was immediately taken to the hospital, but doctors and investigators reacted to stories of parents with great skepticism.

Currently the case is under investigation, no arrests not yet been made.