The mayor in Florida used the documents of a dead woman for a Parking on places for disabled people

The mayor in Florida used the documents of a dead woman for a Parking on places for disabled people

The mayor of one of cities of Florida Darlene Bradley parked his car in the Parking space for the disabled near the city hall so often that the Manager of the city of Davenport Kelly Callihan, and other officials even thought that it might be against the law.

Bradley became mayor after winning the last election with the result 307/182.

«She was always doing the work of the mayor, are always put first the interests of the city,» said Callihan The Washington Post. «We didn’t even think that was possible».

About a month ago, someone told the Sheriff’s Department Polk County that it needs to carefully study the documents Bradley.

Having inspected, the Sheriff’s office found that the mayor never issued a special Parking permit. The mayor was placed under surveillance using a hidden camera located near the Parking lot. The video shows a woman Park your car in the handicapped spot and leaves him without help, and then, taking the suit from the back seat, heading to the town hall – all well smoothly and quietly, without assistance.

After a more careful study of the data, the police came to the conclusion that the mayor is using documents that belonged to the resident of Davenport, who died in 2012. Moreover, the validity of the document establishing the right to a Parking place for the disabled, expired in 2013. The mayor of the city has made changes to it, putting the validity until 2018.

When Bradley left the mayor’s office – the icon is disabled it is removed from the windscreen.

To date, the case against Bradley prepares for transfer to court. The mayor will likely have to leave his post if the court finds her guilty. Now the woman is under arrest.

«She not only broke the law,» said Sheriff Grady Judd in a statement, «She is disconcerted by the citizens of Davenport».

Davenport, FL Mayor Darlene Bradley stole a dead woman’s identity to use a handicapped parking spot, police say

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