The car knocked down 6 people in Lower Manhattan

The car knocked down 6 people in Lower Manhattan

On Thursday during an accident in Lower Manhattan a car knocked down six people. The incident occurred near the intersection of Liberty and Broadway. According to the police the life of victims threatens nothing about the severity of their injuries was not reported.

At the moment law enforcement authorities are investigating the accident. It is known that two cars — a Ford Explorer and Lincoln Town car collided, moving on Liberty Street. After the collision the Ford Explorer stopped, and the Lincoln Town car continued moving, hitting standing here Mercedes. After that the car crashed into the curb and stopped. In the accident three pedestrians were injured, three were discarded on the sidewalk.

At the moment the police are questioning the driver of the Lincoln Town car.

Roadway in the area of the collision temporarily blocked for the performance of necessary investigative actions. On a place experts work. Police are asking citizens to temporarily avoid visiting the area.