South Florida Python caught record size (video)

South Florida Python caught record size (video)

5 meters (17 feet) and almost 60 kg (130 lb) is the length and weight Burmese Python caught by hunters in the Florida natural area of the Everglades.

Today is the big Python that was caught in the framework of the elimination of pythons in South Florida (SFWMD). Its purpose is to reduce a large number of these snakes in the Everglades.

South Florida Python caught record size (video)

Hunter who found Python record size, was Jason Leon. He said he would not advise anyone to repeat his act.

«This snake could, in principle, to kill any adult male, – he said. If this snake were alive right now, we probably would have needed three men to get her under control.»

According to him the program Manager Python SFWMD Mike Kirkland, since March of this year, the hunters managed to catch 743 Python. He noted that if they put each other in line, its length would be equal to 5 thousand feet (1524 m) and their total weight amounted to over 11 thousand pounds (about 5 thousand kg).

«In habitats of a large number of pythons observed a 99 percent decline in the population of fur-bearing animals,» – said about the deplorable statistics program Manager.

Kirkland told reporters ABC News that caught pythons are euthanized and then delivered to the object SFWMD for the official measurement.

«Usually the hunters take snakes and create things out of their skin. These animals are not considered a food source because their meat detected high levels of mercury,» said Kirkland.

As the Washington Post reported that Burmese pythons have voracious appetite. They can not only kill local species and pose a threat to people, but to deny a food source for Panthers, birds of prey, alligators, etc.

Sssssseventeen Feet!

Python hunter Jason Leon set a record for the SFWMD Python-Elimination Program with this 17-foot-1-inch Burmese python that he brought to the District»s Homestead Field Station today.

— South Florida Water (@SFWMD) on December 4, 2017