The aggressive Californian seized 144 firearms

The aggressive Californian seized 144 firearms

On Wednesday, the police found in the home of resident Newhall, County of Santa CLARITA, an impressive Arsenal of weapons. To find brought a series of events that began with domestic violence.

On Tuesday evening, 52-year-old Robert mount started to show aggression towards his wife, and the next morning intervened in the conflict two neighbors. The owner sent the gun at them and threatened violence.

The aggressive Californian seized 144 firearms

7:45 of the victims appealed to the local Sheriff’s Department and told them what happened. Arriving at 25200 quarter De wolf road, where took place the incident, law enforcement officers are unable to get into the home owner barricaded himself inside.

Enlisting the help of special forces and task force on crisis negotiations, security forces are on the territory of the home after a six-hour standoff. During the search they found 144 firearms: pistols and rifles. As it turned out, several of them the suspect was acquired illegally.

The aggressive Californian seized 144 firearmsThe aggressive Californian seized 144 firearms

Photo station Sheriff Santa CLARITA valley

Robert Mount was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, armed robbery and violation of gun laws. Currently man is in custody he posted bail in the amount of $175 000.

According to local laws, to freely buy shotguns can be 18 years old, and a gun from 21. Open carrying of guns is prohibited, and for concealed requires a license and instructing.

According to the magazine Mother Jones, over the last 4 years occurred in California, 6 of the 28 known mass murder.