The teacher saved 17 students during the shooting in new Mexico

The teacher saved 17 students during the shooting in new Mexico

The gunman who shot two students in Aztec, new Mexico, most likely, could take the life of several people, if not the act of the janitor and teacher for replacement.

According to the Sheriff of the County of San Juan Ken Christesen, during a school shooting two people showed themselves as heroes. One of them is a janitor Thomas hill, who ran through the corridors of the school, warning of the dangers.

Teacher Kathleen Potter heard a man shouting, and I knew immediately what to do. She told the students to come to class, lock myself away and get down on the floor.

The teacher saved 17 students during the shooting in new MexicoTeacher Kathy Potter. Photo:

«They knew that the gravest danger, and some of them said, «I don’t want to die.» And I answered them: «you Know what? You’ll be all right,» Potter recalls the moment during the incident.

In the end, 21-year-old William Atchison, vooruzhennye gun Glock 17, found students and a teacher locked in a classroom. He tried to enter but could not because of a barricaded door. According to Potter, the killer shot through the wall for 4-5 minutes, but no one hurt.

Then she heard the voices of the cops and then realized that they managed to escape. Despite the gratitude of parents, pupils and the entire city, Potter claims that he does not consider himself a hero.

In addition, on Friday, the Sheriff revealed a few details on the case. Christesen reported that the killer left a suicide note where he wrote:

«If things go according to plan, I might die today. I’ll go somewhere, get ready, then take the class hostage and would have a blast, and then I’ll shoot myself.»

During the shooting Acholonu still managed to kill two students — football player , Francisco Fernandez and cheerleader Casey Marquez.

Student William Atchison picture,shot and killed Casey Jordan-Marquez and Francisco Fernandez

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