The new York terrorist made bomb at work

The new York terrorist made bomb at work

The suicide bomber who today tried to commit a terrorist act near times square, made the device at his workplace.

This was admitted by the suspect during interrogation. According to reports by Fox News, the man who came from Bangladesh 8 years ago, worked in the electrical company. From 2012 to 2015 he had a license to drive taxis and limousines, which has expired.

The new York terrorist made bomb at work

According to police Commissioner James O’neill, a homemade bomb is «low-tech improvised explosive device that was strapped to his body».

The Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo said: «Anyone can go online and download trash and filth for how to assemble an improvised explosive device. This is the reality in which we live.»

Now 27-year-old Brooklyn resident Acid Ulla is in the hospital Bellevue. The doctors are trying to normalize the patient’s condition, which at the time of the explosion received lacerations and burns on his hands and stomach.

Authorities said the explosion in the terminal at the intersection of 42nd street and Eighth Avenue «attempted terrorist attack».

🇺🇸#US: Four injured after attempted #terrorattack in a #NewYorkCity subway passageway. The suspect, identified as Akayed Ullah, in #NYPD custody…

— Rogério Berrucho (@rberrucho) December 11, 2017

The incident injured three people, including a police officer, who suffered minor injuries, according to doctors, they experience headaches and feel a ringing in the ears.

We will remind, the attack occurred less than 2 months after the Uzbek immigrant killed 8 people and moved their truck. For the attack, the Islamic state has claimed responsibility. Today during detention Ulla said, he did it in the name of ISIS.

And in the publication of the terrorist organization Maqdisi Media the attack was a response to the recognition by the President of the United States Donald trump Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

#BREAKING #Bangladesh police chief says #NewYork #terrorattack suspect #Ullah is a U.S. resident, has no criminal record in Bangladesh. Ullah last visited Bangladesh in September

— Manoj Gupta (@PassionForNews) December 11, 2017