Three Florida residents arrested for cruelty to sharks (video)

Three Florida residents arrested for cruelty to sharks (video)

Authorities in Florida have reported the arrest of three men accused of animal cruelty, namely the shark. The prosecution based on the video, posted by detainees in social networks last year. It shows a motor boat is racing at high speed, dragging a bound for the tail of the shark. Fish beats on the surface of the water, occasionally flying up into the air. The passengers of the boat clearly enjoy the «spectacle», a fun laugh and joke.

«As we have said, … such actions have no place in Florida, where we value and preserve our natural resources for all», — said the Chairman of the Florida Commission for the protection of wildlife Bo Rivard. «We appreciate the patience and support of the public. Our law enforcement officers all the time actively cooperated with the district attorney’s office Hillsborough to reveal a number of serious violations that will be presented to the court for adjudication. We hope that these charges will be a message to the rest of the inhabitants of the state that this behavior in relation to fish and other representatives of wildlife is unacceptable.»

The representative of the district attorney’s office Andrew H. Warren called an act of violence against a shark «unfounded and nonsensical» and promised to bring the perpetrators to justice.


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