«This fire is the beast» – the fire in California threatens Santa Barbara

«This fire is the beast» – the fire in California threatens Santa Barbara

More than a week has passed since the fire started Thomas in the County of Ventura, which became a real hell for the residents of southern California. Despite the attempts of containment of the fire this weekend, the fire, which has burned 238 thousand acres, can grow even more.

According to representatives of the fire service if the fire will reach the cities of Santa Barbara and Montecito, with almost a quarter of a million residents and 62 thousands of structures worth $ 46 billion are at risk.

Thanks @latimes for this graphic which shows how fast the #ThomasFire has grown. pic.twitter.com/vO5e6bg1n0

— Juliette MacKay (@juli8_m) December 12, 2017

«When the wind starts to push it (the fire), we can throw all our forces, but it will not bring any benefit,» said mark brown, chief of the operations division of the California Department of forestry and fire protection.

Brown said that is favorable for fires wind is formed when the hot air from the valley of the Santa Ynez rises and quickly moves over the mountain ranges towards the Pacific ocean.

The FDNY captain Brendan Ripley argues that in such conditions it is extremely difficult to fight the fire, and at the same time, it is difficult to predict how the wind will behave further.

At the moment, firefighters are trying to contain the current fire and prepare for the new. About 600 fire trucks operate on narrow, winding roads in the foothills of the County of Santa Barbara. Firefighters wrapped a small, unprotected buildings in protective sheets that look like foil, to reduce the likelihood of ignition.

«This fire is a beast, and you’ll destroy it,» said Martin Johnson, fire chief County of Santa Barbara, turning to his podchinennymi.

Due to the fact that the fire destroyed 930 houses, opened a center to the victims of disasters – Poinsettia Pavillion. The building is located in Ventura at 3451 Foothill Road. The center will work seven days a week for at least the next two weeks.

Authorities said that may take several months to determine the cause of the fire Thomas.

#ThomasFire — Fire behavior above Bella Vista Dr near Romero Canyon in Montecito on Tuesday night. pic.twitter.com/SUmzrCYu4V

— SBCFireInfo (@EliasonMike) December 13, 2017


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