Mother arrested after her healthy son was hospitalized 323 times

Mother arrested after her healthy son was hospitalized 323 times

A resident of Texas was arrested after initiated the hospitalization of his healthy son, 323 times. The child unnecessarily suffered 13 complex operations for 8 years of his life.

Kaylin Bowen was arrested December 6 on charges of maiming your child. According to CBS DFW, the 34-year-old woman claimed that her 8-year-old son died from a rare genetic disease and needed a transplant due to lung cancer. She even tried to illegally make a child’s name to the list in need of organ transplantation.

The boy’s father, Ryan Crawford, said he tried to convince the judges of the family court that his son is not sick, but they sided with Bowen.

8-year-old child was placed in the hospital and was forced around the clock to use an oxygen mask. He was fed through a tube, which led to the contamination of life-threatening infection of the blood.

After a long and painful for the child studies doctors hospital in Dallas came to the conclusion that the child has a single confirmed symptom is the alleged mother of diseases and were forced to release him.

It was later established that the child’s mother suffers from Munchausen syndrome and by finding non-existent «disease» my son, visiting hospitals and causing pity, just trying to attract attention.

Today the woman was taken into custody, her bail was set at $ 150,000. The lawyer negligent mother has not yet given any comment on the case.

Texas mother arrested after healthy son had 323 visits doctor, 13 surgeries, officials say

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