Dogs bitten to death a young mistress

Dogs bitten to death a young mistress

As a rule, dogs do not attack their owners, but there are exceptions that are difficult to explain. One of them took place in Goochland, VA — local law enforcement officers believe that a young girl was killed by her own pit bull Terriers.

Dogs bitten to death a young mistresssource: facebook

The father of 22-year-old Bethany Stevens raised the alarm when her daughter did not return home, going for a walk with two dogs, Thin and Drogo. He called 911 and he was poisoned on the quest in the direction of Manakin road, where the girl usually go with their Pets.

Dogs bitten to death a young mistress

He soon found the daughter she was lying on the ground, and the dog did not give to approach her. Managed to do it only to the employees of the Sheriff’s office who pronounced him dead.

According to preliminary investigation, the owner died at the fangs of their own Pets.

A County Sheriff says that the sight was just horrifying. Multiple wounds at the hands of Bethany pointed to the fact that the girl tried to defend herself, but to no avail. Injuries on the throat, face and head testified that the victim was literally torn to death.

Despite the characteristic wounds, the friends of the deceased do not believe that she was killed by own pit bull Terriers. They believe that the dogs had never hurt her, as she took to the puppies.

According to the publication KTLA, referring to the investigation data, close friends Bethany said that before the tragedy she had received death threats.