A serious fire in Brooklyn: 8 victims

A serious fire in Brooklyn: 8 victims

The fire broke out suddenly in one of the houses of Brooklyn in Gravesend at about 2 PM. We are talking about a residential complex Marlboro Houses on West 11th Street. The fire is localized, at the moment he swept one floor 16-storey building. Work at the site fire brigade.

Authorities say eight victims, four of whom are children. Among the victims a year-old child. All of them were hospitalized, the condition of two is described by doctors as critical, two others suffered serious injuries. In addition to children serious injuries recorded at the two adults, the rest have minor injuries. Five of the victims are members of the same family.

According to preliminary data, the fire broke out on the first floor. the cause is not yet clear investigation.

Fire at Marlboro Houses in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn. 2 children in critical condition. 2 others seriously hurt, 4 minor. 4 kids in the apartment range from 1-9 years old. 5 of injured are part of 1 family. pic.twitter.com/uAyhrJZYtW

— CeFaan Kim (@CeFaanKim) December 16, 2017