After staying in a locked car for 15 hours in Texas died two children

After staying in a locked car for 15 hours in Texas died two children

A young woman from Texas (San Antonio) was arrested after authorities said she left their two young daughters in the car for 15 hours that resulted in their death.

19-year-old Amanda Christine Hawkins brought their daughters — 2-year-old Addison Overgard-year-old Eddie and Brinno Hawkins — in the hospital last Wednesday.

According to police, Amanda arrived at Regional medical center Peterson with two children in an unconscious state, claiming that they suddenly felt ill while walking in Flat Rock Lake, where he was running and smelled the flowers and may’s mother said, entered or touched something poisonous.

However, the investigators found that the children were intentionally left in the car for his mother for the night until noon on June 7, while Hawkins and her 16-year-old boyfriend were visiting another friend.

At some point, the 16-year-old friend of the mother babies came out to the car and slept there for a while, but then returned to the house. He told his mother to bring the children inside, but that did nothing.

The children were in the car without food, drink and diaper changes more than 15 hours.

Toddlers die after being left inside a scorching 15 hours car in San Antonio, Texas. Mom charged with murder.

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Finding children in an unconscious state the next day, the mother immediately took them to the hospital, and initially tried to hide traces of their criminal negligence. She bathed, trying to revive, but nothing helped. In the hospital the woman went only to 5 o’clock in the evening.

On arrival at the Medical center of girls was immediately taken to University hospital and hooked up both a system of ventilation, however, the situation was hopeless. On Thursday the girls were disconnected from the system, and they died.

Examining the identity of the Hawkins police could not establish any incidents of abuse or neglect of the mother to the children, however, convinced investigators she left the kids in the car for the first time.

Hawkins was charged with two counts of endangering children, but it is not the final charge. It can be extended to include manslaughter, but only after full investigation.

Hawkins was taken to the County jail Beksar. At the moment it is assigned a Deposit in the amount of $ 35,000 for each of the charges.

«2 Toddlers Die in Texas After Being Left in Car for 15 Hours, Sheriff Says» by MATT STEVENS via NYT

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