Dog-obnimay from new York were left without homes because of a fire at Christmas

Dog-obnimay from new York were left without homes because of a fire at Christmas

Golden Retriever named Luby, which enjoys a reputation of the friendly dogs of the Big Apple with the love of a warm embrace, left without a home because of a serious fire, which happened in Chelsea at Christmas.

Luby and its owner, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez was on the street due to the fact that part of the house where their apartment had burned down. This man wrote in his Instagram profile.

The fire broke out in a building on West 19th Street at about 15:35 on Monday. According to authorities, the fire injured one civilian and one firefighter who, fortunately, escaped with minor injuries. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

Luby, who became known for the vast social networking due to the fact that she «hugged» everyone on the streets of Chelsea, went for a walk with the owner when the flames flared. When they returned home, Fernandez-Chavez saw that the flames had already pulled out of the building. Too late to rescue the man learned that the fire caught his apartment. It turned out that he lost everything in the fire all that he had, however, Fernandez-Chavez happy with him and Luby’s all right.

To help the unfortunate victims of the fire to somehow cope with the difficulties, a friend of the owner Luby created the campaign to raise funds on GoFundMe, which has accumulated more than $44,700, despite the fact that the goal was only $20,000.

«We will always try to bring you smiles on your pages, but now we need your hugs and prayers,» wrote Fernandez-Chavez in his post on Instagram.