Dozens of people were outside in the cold due to three fires in the Bronx

Dozens of people were outside in the cold due to three fires in the Bronx

Early this Wednesday morning, dozens of residents of the Bronx were forced to run outside in the cold in some, bathrobes and Slippers, to escape the fire.

Fires broke out in two apartment buildings and the Laundry room. The first call came from the 700 block of garden street just before 4:00 lit building.

#FDNY members on the scene this morning of a 3-alarm fire, 795 Garden street. #Bronx. Currently no serious injuries reported.

— FDNY (@FDNY) December 27, 2017

The flames spread rapidly, so people had to quickly leave the house in home clothes, despite the temperature about 8 degrees below zero. According to firefighters, no one was hurt.

Half an hour later the elements raged on the top floor of an apartment building in Knox place. 43 people temporarily left without a roof over your head, and 2 received minor injuries. Evacuated people were placed in a municipal bus, so they do not freeze.

Many are homeless, two with minor injuries at a 4 alarm fire on Knox in the Bronx. 180 fire crews working the fire. @ABC7NY

— Candace McCowan (@CandaceMcCowan7) December 27, 2017

The third fire broke out in the Laundry room on DECATUR Avenue in Norwood.

In total for the struggle with the elements has mobilized 300 firefighters. To extinguish the fire was more difficult than usual because of low temperatures in the hydrants froze the water.