Teens accused in the murder of a man dropped a bag of sand

Teens accused in the murder of a man dropped a bag of sand

Four teenagers from Toledo, Ohio, was accused of murder after a bag of sand, which they alleged was thrown from the overpass and killed a passenger in the car.

According to police, 19 December, four teenagers were thrown from the trestle, sand bags and other items down, which hosted the track 75. One of the bags fell on a passing car, hitting the passenger, 22-year-old Marquis bird on the head. The man was taken to the hospital, but after a few days he died.

Teens accused in the murder of a man dropped a bag of sand

«I would be grateful if [the boys’ parents] at least I called my aunt and apologized to her,» said cousin Byrd of Saveetha king.

Wednesday, December 27, 13-year-old Pedro Salinas, 14-year-old Sean Carter, 14-year-old Dimitrius Wimberley and 15-year-old William Parker faced charges of murder and car vandalism.

According to Lori Olender, Deputy chief of the juvenile division Lucas County, that night the boys had damaged another car, so the court of the state of Ohio has charged them with vandalism on two counts. All four teenagers pleaded not guilty.

Lillian Diallo, the family’s lawyer Byrd told CNN that the victim was going to propose to his girlfriend and mother of his 2-year-old son.

«Although this period usually is considered a time for family celebration and togetherness, we — filled with deep sorrow and great loss,» said the lawyer.

This is not the first incident when adolescents faced such charges. About two months ago in Michigan 5 guys accused of killing the father of four children after they threw a huge boulder c overpass on the roadway of the motorway.

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