20 thousand bees occupied skyscraper in Manhattan (photo, video)

20 thousand bees occupied skyscraper in Manhattan (photo, video)

At the entrance to the office building Vox Media in Manhattan found a swarm of about 20 thousands of European bees, reports The Verge.

Security of the building has caused beekeepers. According to one of them, Catherine Morris, bee was just looking for a new place for the hive because of the heat which now prevails in new York.

«When it gets hot, the Queen of a colony of bees produces more new species, and when the colony gets too big, migrate in search of a new hive. In the original colony can be born the new Queen, who also will have to find a private place,» said Morris.

According to her, for the last time in new York city found dozens of swarms of bees, and it is impossible to predict how many will find.
In addition, the beekeeper noted that Roy, despite his frightening appearance, is harmless to people, unless, of course, not to touch it.
«A swarm composed of bees-workers who don’t want to leave the Queen and surround her for protection, while the scouts are looking for a place for a new hive. Bees are usually aggressive to protect the hive,» — said Catherine Morris.

Experts managed to collect with the help of special equipment most of the bees, but some scattered on the street, and one by one they will die.

20 thousand bees occupied skyscraper in Manhattan (photo, video)source: theverge